CPIHelper and Figaf

CPIHelper is a great addition to SAP Cloud Integration. The same goes for Figaf.

We have built a tool that allows you to simplify the way you are handling your SAP Cloud Integration (SAP Integration Suite). We want you to focus on creating integrations while we handle everything around it like:

  • Automatic test case creation and execution (Supported with CPIHelper)
  • Transporting of your integration from your development to production system with documentation and configuration.
    • We even support virtual tenants where you reuse your Development System also for test, but with a documented transport.
    • See more about our transport process.
  • Versioning and differences between your iFlows and other artifacts
  • Monitoring capabilities to allow you to see what is going on in your system
  • Alerting with rules to make it easy for you to get notified about specific conditions.
  • Replicating all your iFlows and artifacts to a Git Repository making it much easier to maintain and develop your groovy code
  • Then there is a big part to help with PI to CPI migration where we have our free Migration Edition of the Figaf DevOps Suite.

Sign up today! Free to sign up for a trial of the Figaf DevOps Suite.

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Once you have configured your first connection, please configure CPIHelper to improve the speed of working with Figaf. See how here

License starts from 1000 EUR/month

It’s just one tool that you will need which covers all the requirements you have for the full DevOps Process.

It is easy to try out the tool. You can get started with our free trial where you can get started easily in 10 minutes.