Figaf Friday: Documentation for simplifying onboarding for SAP Integration Suite

What is the best way to make sure new developers or consultants can get started quickly in SAP Integration Suite? This was a discussion I had with a potential customer and I think it was a pretty interesting question.

I have worked a lot as a consultant for different clients. Most of the time I just got access to a integration system (SAP PI) or a SAP Cloud Integration system. And then I got a tasks to develop the integration to solve the a problem.

There are a few ways to cover this and a discussion about if you should wait for the architecture or just develop the integration

Documenting in SAP Integration Suite

We got to talking because he was looking at the way we could generate documentation for SAP CPI or SAP PI/PO automatically. That would serve the purpose and give some useful information. I do think that a good developer in the same time would be able to find the same information as stated here. The documentation does service a good governance requirement, you know the part that needs to be updated but never is. If you are an architect what is then the best way to deliver documentation so a new developer can support you on a consistent way.

Here is a list of the different documents that makes sense to share:

You can see a video of this here:

If hope you want to check the Figaf DevOps Suite as a way to simplify onboarding of developers. It makes a lot of processes much simpler because they will have access to everything that is needed in just one application.

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