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Migration from SAP PI (Process Integration) to SAP Integration Suite is a significant step for any business. It’s crucial to have a thorough understanding of your current system’s landscape to ensure a smooth transition. Both SAP’s migration assessment and Figaf’s unique tool play vital roles in this process.

The Role of SAP Migration Assessment 

SAP’s migration assessment is your starting point. It provides an in-depth analysis of your current PI system, highlighting the operational aspects. This assessment gives you an overview of what’s running and its performance, laying the groundwork for further analysis. See SAPs migration assessment report and see how to generate it for your own landscape.

Introducing FIGAF’s Migration Assessment Tool 

FIGAF steps in to offer a more nuanced view. Our tool complements SAP’s assessment by providing additional details crucial for migration planning. It’s designed to give you a clearer picture of the complexities involved in your specific environment.

The FIGAF migration assessment tool stands out with its ability to:

  • Analyze current setups and systems.
  • Identify and evaluate different ICOs in your landscape.
  • Pinpoint potential challenges and areas of concern.
  • Track message processing volumes, giving insights into system usage and load.
  • This comprehensive approach ensures no aspect of your system is overlooked
  • Plan  your migration

It can be a little challenging to read the assessment. In this blog post you can see how to create the asseessment. How to read and understand it.


Understanding your PI system’s current state is the first step in a successful migration to the SAP Integration Suite. Using both SAP’s and Figaf  migration assessments will equip you with the comprehensive knowledge needed for a smooth transition. We invite you to explore the capabilities of the FIGAF tool and see the difference it can make in your migration journey.

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