Figaf Friday: 3000 Subscribers on the Figaf YouTube Channel

I reached 3000 subscribers! If you are not a subscriber to the Figaf YouTube Channel, please consider subscribing for SAP Integration related content. This is a great milestone.

I have received a lot of views over the years. The fact I’m pretty impressed with the number of hours viewed, which is 29.900 Hours or over 3 years of learning SAP Integration and the Figaf Tool.

The spikes on the are when I ran some ads on some of my videos, but I don’t think I did not create a good enough targeting of the content. So it was not working.

Also, yes I will not be able to require it based on my revenue from the channel in the next few days. Most of my videos are not monetized, so that is probably the reason.  

When I was starting I had no idea that it would be possible to get such an amount of followers for a channel in such a niche area as SAP Integration.

I created my first SAP PI/PO related videos in 2011, while I was exploring the media and how I could create some useful videos. It had probably taken quite a long time to take the video and set it up. This is one of my first videos on the Figaf YouTube channel where I talk about SAP Integration and SAP PI Archiving using a tool I build in 2011. It is painfully to watch now.

One of the videos I created for the Figaf YouTube Channel. Time has flown.

I have also been using the channel to sell some of my other types of courses and video on the topic.

There have been some demos of SAP CPI or PI development that have been doing really well over the years. I am happy that I can help teach new generations on how to develop SAP Integration easier.

It is kind of fun to say to my son that I’m a YouTuber. He does enjoy spending time watching some strange show and he does not find my videos entertaining. On the other hand I have written my videos in not for kids. I will continue to create content on different topics that I find useful so please subscribe and share what you would like to see from me.

Latest news: Today I tried to run a youtube live session to cover how to create SAP Cloud Integration/CPI live. We ran into the problems that I would normally be facing during a development process. So it was as expected. You can see it here

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