Figaf Release 2301: Transport Overview

A new year and new features with the Figaf tool. We are releasing Figaf 2301 with some excellent improvements listed below. There has been some bug fixes and usability improvements the application making it easier for you to manage your integration.

We have in the release tried to make onboarding much easier to get started with. Whenever we work with a client there are different things that take 5 minutes to go thru. We have improved some of this in this release we added the PI to CPI migration templates as default so you don’t need to set it up self.

Transport overview

Transport overview. This is a feature we have been working on an planning for a long time. The goal is to give you a much better governance so you can see if you have been transported something into production.

So once you have transported into QA environment and tested you now can create the next ticket.

Once you use this you will be able to see the history of the transports and how it relates to transports later in the process.

This does work closely with our overview of the landscape and allow you to investigate easily, what part of your landscape that is not up to date.

PI Testing improvement  

PI testing improvements. We have been working on a number of ways to make easier to create test cases and figure out what is wrong with the test case you are working on.

We have seen this for customers wanting to test PI/PO and ran into different issues for our support to investigate what was wrong.

Now it gives you more capabilities to mixing your test cases.

We also improved the performance of the data collection process.

This testing is of great importance for our PI to CPI migration customers. Here they will be using the tool to migrate PI to CPI.

When running test on the SAP PI/PO system you can now also check the delivery status of the message.

SAP PI DevOps processing 

If you are using our PI/PO DevOps to handle Directory transports between two system. Earlier we just activated the change list. Now you can say you don’t want activation of the change list either to debug the process or to get an understanding of what the transport will create. Then once you have checked it you can approve the change list. This is to improve the way you are handling your transports of SAP PI/PO and lowering the requirements for documentation.

Cloud Integration Testing improvement  

We now support iFlows that has paths like /demoiflow3/* or query parameters. This makes it possible to perform a lot more test for you without you having to see it as a problem.

Migration assessment report 

We have added information about if an Operation Mapping in a interface is unbounded/multi mapping in our PI/PO migration Assessment Report. This can make your planning a little easier.

What is next up? 

We do have many feature improvements.

  • Support documents, urls and tag when transporting Cloud Integration Packages
  • PI-2-CPI Migration improvements we want to create enterprise ready integrations

Then we have many good ideas where we can make a bigger impact.

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