Migration Assessment Tooling for SAP PI 7.1-7.5

In the Figaf , we have added an Integration Assessment to give you an overview of your SAP PI/PO system before you start planning your migration. We have been improving the report to give a more useful result.

You can freely use the Figaf Migration Tool to help assess your migration or customers.

See how this compares with SAPs Migration Report. We give you a table with all the information about systems in the landscapes, File Content Conversion, RFC lookups used, Mapping Parameters, and much more that will allow you to avoid surprises in the migration

SAP is also in the process of delivering its tooling to give you the information, and it will be rolled out as a part of the migration effort. It will only support 7.5. So if you have other platforms, you need to user our tool.

See how to run this migration assessment in just 10 minutes.

Assessing your migration with Figaf

The assessment from Figaf will give you information about what kind of setup you have in your landscape.

  • Systems involved in the integration should give you an understanding of what is going on with it
  • Channel types
  • The Adapter Modules so you can see if there is any special handling happening.
  • Which operation mappings are used
  • Which types of mappings are used for each interface, is it message mappings, XSLT, java or ABAP
  • Function libs and RFC Lookups
  • Which scenario types is used
  • Message run statistics

The tool supports both Receiver Determination and ICO objects. This makes it quite useful for people using older versions of SAP PI/PO. We should support most cases from 7.1.

Here is an example of the report (CSV file) Updated to latest version from 2212.1:

Screenshot of migration assessment report from Figaf
Screenshot of Migration Assessment

The report is part of the 2206 Release, and it has been improved since to give better information.

Once you start migration, you can see which of the integrations that has been migrated and moved into production.

The Report is a part of the Figaf DevOps Suite. There is a free 30 day trial period that will allow you to create the report and understand the value of it.

And once you have installed the tool, you may also thy the migration capabilities to covert an ICO to an iFlow, since it is just a click away.

Creating the report

It will probably take 10-20 minutes to install the Figaf Tool on your laptop and create the report.

  1. First you will need to get a signup for the Figaf DevOps Suite. (Start here)
  2. Then you need to install it on your local PC
  3. Then Connect to your SAP PI/PO system as an agent.
  4. Then you need to synchronize everything, which will download all artifacts
  5. Then you need to connect to a SAP CPI system. You just need to create an agent it does not need to be connected. The report is designed to be used for a migration effort.
  6. Go to the migration configuration page then add your PI and CPI system
  7. Go to the migration overview page.
  8. Select generate report


Which information would you find useful when you are going to judge a migration and the effort involved with it? Please share below so we can find a way to improve it.

Simplify your SAP Integration in under 10 minutes with Figaf DevOps Suite on Cloud.

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