Understanding SAP’s Migration Assessment Tool

Let’s take a closer look at the SAP Migration Assessment tool for PI/PO migrations

I have been following the process with the assessment from SAP over the last 9 months. I have really been anticipating what it was able to perform.

TL;DR: The SAP report is a good place to start, but I do recommend that you spend some time getting more into the numbers and adjust it with your own risk.

Dashboard for SAP's migration assessment tool

I did hear some numbers that it could estimate how an integration would work, and how challenging it would be to manage that type of integration. I was really curious how the report would come up with time estimates and what was included in them.

Now I got my hands dirty. I spent about 45 minutes creating the report. I did require user management and cloud connector to be able to get it to work.

You can find the manuals to get started here.

There is also some good blogs on getting started with the assessment tool here and the migration tool.

I have created a video where I try to look into some of the questions and see what the report looks like.

Want a copy of the presentation in this video? Download it here.

I compare the result with Figaf’s Assessment report of the same system. Something you need to estimate how the effort is calculated. Some things I found were missing that could impact your migrations are:

  • What modules are included used
  • Parameters
  • RFC lookup
  • Gave number of UDFs
  • File Content conversion
  • Multi mappings
  • Naming of standard modules has impact Payload Save and Dynamic Attribute should not matter.

I recommend you spend 30 minutes also creating the assessment report Figaf can produce. You can see details and sign up for free for the report here. The next thing that will be interesting to look at is the migration tool and compare it with Figaf to see what it is capable of.

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