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Free resources and tools

On this site you will find some free resources and tools, that you are welcome to use.

Figaf BPM extractor

This tool you can use to get the context data from a BPM process.

Deploy SCA to your system and then go to 

Read more on this LinkedIn post

Figaf UDF library

Want to get access to the Figaf UDF library for free?

This library features our best user-defined functions that you can use directly in your landscape.

Functions included:

  • SimpleXMLValue
  • isNull
  • hasLength
  • Sign up and you will be notified with future functions.

The SimpleXMLValue is able to read the correct value from contexts in IDOCs. With standard functionality the mapping can become rather big to handle the functionality. Read more in this blog. 

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Case studies

"By working in many large organizations I have met many challenges in regards to SAP Integration. Based on my experience, the software of Figaf has been developed. The software helps to make the processes run more smooth, minimize risks and save costs for the companies."

Daniel Graversen
SAP integration expert & founder of Figaf

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optimize your SAP Integration processes and business. Our software automates manual processes, saves you lots of time and minimize the risk of failure on your system.

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