Figaf DevOps Suite 2112 on 21/12: Automating SAP PI/PO Transports

Today we are releasing our updated Figaf DevOps Suite. Also, it is the biggest release yet.

The primary aim of this release is to make it easy to run SAP Process Integration (PI)/Process Orchestration (PO) on a larger scale. Moreover, the code is already running at a large SAP PI customer and improving their flows. So we know it works and it’s already working well with helping simplify this customer’s transport and governance.

We are releasing this update on 21/12, which is great timing.

If you have a productive instance of Figaf DevOps Suite, we recommend you wait until 10 January when we will be able to support you, before you upgrade. We have spent a lot of time on testing and ensuring backwards compatibility, so it should be good.

However, If you want to try the updated Figaf DevOps Suite now then go ahead with this version. It contains one of the best approaches to handling transports and supports more use cases for migration.

Main features and benefits of the new release

The business objectives are:

  • Simplifying operations by eliminating the need for Excel documents
  • Improved governance by ensuring documentation is always updated 
  • Improve developer productivity

We did have a launch event where we showed some of the new capabilities of the SAP PI/PO management feature.  You can see the video here about what we have been able to achieve.

The main features are:

  • The binary landscape between two systems will be linked in sequences
  • Improved renaming of business systems for handling copying and it’s much easier to copy ICOs between different business systems on an ICO
  • Improved the channel configuration and approval process to make it easier to monitor
  • PI-to-CPI migration improvements like synchronous processing and filters based on Service Operations. 
  • Improved synchronization of SAP PI Repository objects used for the migration and transport

We will be writing more about this release and how it improves your SAP PI/PO processes in the near future so stay tuned. For now you just need to know that it can help you deliver integrations much faster.

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