New testing options with Figaf Testing Tool 2.14

Warning: This post and the video is technical we cover a lot of small but really important processes. If you just want to understand the general concepts of the Figaf Testing Tool, is the best place to view.

Last week we released Figaf DevOps Tool 2.14 which includes the testing part. There is a lot of small and big details that really make it possible to run testing for large organizations.

I got our lead developer Ilya to help out sharing some of the features and give some insights on how they have helped the customer test their EDI Migration. It ended up with a 30-minute conversation/demostration of the testing improvment. We have also added other things like CTS+ integration for SAP PI/PO, and a few CPI features like restore of deleted iflows and distribution configuration. To the new release but those are covered here.

We will cover the following:

  • SAP PI Migration from Seeburger
  • Test case creation tool for customer supporting their EDI archive, so they can create a lot of test cases fast. 
  • Performance improvement scale to 10.000+ test cases and 1+ Mio messages testing. Month-long process about scaling the application
  • Comparisons and ignoring options 
  • Order expression 
  • Comparison Configuration so you can have a specific comparison for partners or messages types
  • Grouping or Correlating of messages.
  • Report generation
  • Create a new test case from existing (projections)

I do hope you like the format and that you can see some use of the Figaf Testing Tool for manage your Migration projects.

You can try the tool it is a part of the Figaf DevOps Tool. So signup for the tool below.

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