Figaf 2.14: simplifying your SAP CPI and PI

One of the things I love is to share the things we have been making to make it easier for users to manage SAP PI/CPI. 

I know how much the new feature will help our customers, so they can spend less time on all the boring things like testing, documentation and devote more time to develop integrations. I know some of the features we are going to add will help with that mission. 

We will cover the coming days, share why some of the features and why I’m so excited about them. 

CTS+ Integration

We have added CTS+ Integration to make it easier for you to deliver SAP PI/PO. This function is a way to augment the transport to give more insights into what is happening. So you can test the interfaces in transport. It will also enable you to perform steps after the import, like configure channels. 

It will create full version tracking of objects used for the integration.

This opens many opportunities for companies that want to leverage the Figaf Tool to improve the CTS+ or Charm based processes. We really look forward to work with you to see how it will help you. 

If you do not have CTS+ running the Figaf Tool still allows you to transport the functions. 

You can read more about the functionlity here:

CPI Restore 

Earlier I got to delete an SAP CPI package at our development system by a mistake. I then found that there were a lot of people that had the same problems. So even make elaborate procedures to make a backup of the CPI development objects. 

Since we anyway have access to the full version history of the CPI objects we might as well add an undelete function. So you can restore iflows, packages or value mappings. 

You can see this in action here

CPI Distribution Configuration

One common requirement is that you have a generic iflow, and you then want to deploy this iflow to multiply companies in your organization. Like if you have different settings or URLs or codes for Denmark or Germany companies. 

The current approach would be to make copies of the flow. Then you need to make sure you update the flows correct and synchronize it all. With the new feature the Figaf Tool will make sure all your iflows are updated correctly each time you release new iflows. 

Improved EDI and XML comparison

One of our large clients has been using the Figaf Tool to test a Seeburger Migration. One of the things they found was they needed improved comparison. 

We have added this functionality to support them. It is not possible to ignore empty tags in XML. So a tag with no values is the same as an empty tag. But if there is a value in one of the tags then it is seen as a difference. See more in the post:

 Huge performance improvement

The testing load on the Figaf Testing Tool has been increased by a factor fo 100 compared to earlier projects. It means that we had to improve lots of code to run the testing faster. So each time we found there was a bottleneck in the tool, we had improved it. I created a video on what was going on with the testing.

The new performance meant that client could perform all the needed tests in the time allotted. They could deliver a tested solution. 

The areas improved are:

  • Sending of messages to not overload SAP PI system
  • Polling of completed messages
  • Comparison algorithms and process
  • Report generation that can now be created into a CSV that can be easier to parse.  

Other things

There is a bunch of other small improvements that make the life easier as well as bugs that have been found in the testing. 

I really look forward to getting feedback from our customers on how the tool helps them deliver integration faster. 

Try it now

You can try the new functionally today on your own landscape. It is pretty simple to get started.

Just sign up for the Figaf DevOps Tool to get started. There are some tutorial on how to get started using the tool or reach out to support to schedule some time to set it up. 

Want to see a demonstration

I’m hosting a live event on LinkedIn to share how you can leverage this functionality for DevOps for SAP PI/PO on Thursday, 3 September. You can signup here

Or just use the contact form to book an appointment. 

Simplify your SAP Integration in under 10 minutes with Figaf DevOps Suite on Cloud.

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