SAP PI/PO Message Mapping documentation and Diff

Figaf’s first tool was a Message Mapping Documentation Tool created in PHP that could take a message mapping file and export it. You need a workaround that was blocked because of some security polity, so you could no longer export the message mapping XML. I never got it updated to use the Simple Query.

The was also a Mapping Master in Excel that could connect to your SAP PI System to extract the information via VB. At some point, SAP added Mapping documentation into NetWeaver Developer Studio. Then there was no longer any project to make mapping documentation better.

March 2023. For now, you can use this part free of charge in our Migration Edition for one year as a part of your migration to SAP Integration Suite. It may change but will most likely be a part of our 2-month trial.

Until Now.

In release 2101 we added a function to make it possible to create SAP PI/PO Message Mapping in a new cause. I added the ticket in spring 2018 but first got it prioritized now.

You can see an example of the file we have created here.

Compared to SAP Standard we have the following features:

  • Can compare multiply message mapping in one file, so you can get a better understanding of what is happening with it. This is perfect if you are doing EDI mappings and want to understand the changes between them.
  • Format functions with nested structures
  • Allows you to compare transports, so you can see what is different between the current system and production

You can see a demostration of it here.

And how about SAP CPI?

We do have the same option to document SAP Cloud Integration Message Mappings. You can use this comparison for all mappings in an Iflow or to compare between your development and production iflows.

It should be possible to improve some more on formatting and naming of UDFs.

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