Setting up error handling in SAP CPI in 10 minutes

I often get the question. “How do I handle my SAP CPI alerts in an intelligent way?

It is pretty easy to fetch all iflows that fail and sent them to an email. You can also do it with solution manager monitoring. 

But how do you distinguish new errors from existing errors, and how should people deal with them. 

That is where the Figaf Tools come into play. We have support for managing your SAP CPI. You can effortlessly set up the monitoring process, so you get notifications on the different types of alerts and then figure out how to solve them. 

With the Figaf Tool, you connect to the SAP CPI system under the agents. Then test that the connection works. You will need an S-User will business monitor access for the monitoring. We normally recommend Admin and Developer access also for the other processes. 

Then you in the Support Tool perspective can select create a new consumer. Here you can apply an Odata filter either status = failed or something else like Receiver = “Log”. Then active the process. Then it will start to query the messages for alerts.

Then based on your alerts, you can create rules. In the rule you need to define

  • A name for the alert
  • An order number for sorting which rules to run first 
  • Xpath rule for this alert. The rule with being tried with each failed message.
  • Then you can fill in a description of how to handle the alert. Then the people that receive the message. 
  • Email
  • Webhook if you want to connect to your ticket system

We have tried to make it as simple as possible to manage the alerts with the tool. So you can simplify your monitoring process. 

If you want to see more on our monitoring, see the Figaf Alert Tool and see our guide about SAP CPI monitoring to learn more about how you can monitor your application. 

I recommend that you check out the video. 

If you want to sign up for the Figaf Cloud version, you can signup here.

You can also get the on-prem version just click the “Try Figaf DevOps Tool” button signup. Then you can install it on your laptop in some minutes. Then it is the same procedure to get started. 

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