SOX compliant SAP CPI Transport

For all companies, it is important to be compliant with frameworks like SOX or you’re following your audit best practices. It should also cover SAP PI/PO or SAP CPI because they cover an import aspect of your SAP Landscape. 

It requires that a developer cannot move code to production without approval from one or more people. They need to fix the code and ensure that the developer is not adding any harmful content into the code. 

It could be to add your own bank information or in other ways to harm the company or for personal profit. 

It is a task that SAP Integration architects have been involved with finding and approving transports. Most of the time they don’t even have the ability to see what is changed and it is the process of labor to figure out what is changed. Without a tool like the Figaf’s, it is close to impossible. 

Many SAP CPI clients still rely on File export/imports to handle transports. It is not something that works well with an audit trail. 

We have added a few things in the new release of Figaf to make the process better for users. 

  1. Users can now not approve their own transports. It will allow a two eye principle for all transports and give much better visibility on how is changing what
  2. Email notifications so users and approvers will get notified if they need to approve some transports and once your transport is approved. 
  3. View so you can see which transports you  need to approve and work on
  4. The report will show which approvers have approved which transport
  5. We have added logging of which user is logging in and which users are changing users and more. That will give you better visibility on how is working on the system.

You can see a demonstration here

The platform supports SAP PI/PO, SAP CPI, and SAP API management where you all the same options to add approvers and be able to view what is different. 

It is easy to get started with the Tool. 

Just click “Try the Figaf Tool” and signup. 

There is also a 30 minute getting started trial here.

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