Figaf Friday: Why Postman testing for SAP Cloud Integration (CPI) is not enough

We all use Postman to help test our SAP Cloud Integration/CPI. It is a really good tool to use when developing IFlows to see how they react to a given set of data. A lot of scenarios of using HTTP protocol which makes it really easy to use for the development.

I use Postman a lot to send requests to an IFlow during the development unless I use a schedules start. Then I have CPIHelper make it much easier to work with the integration. Because of that, I can see what is going on from just one browser and Postman app.

A lot of people use Postman for testing

I did ask how you performed testing of your SAP CPI and Postman and other tools was the most used on LinkedIn.

I obviously hoped to see 25% using Figaf and 50% it was too difficult to test.

I think the part that I missed is something with a systematic test of your integration.

What you can (and can’t) do with Postman

In Postman you can create a set of scripts that will enable you to:

  • Test an IFlow starting with HTTP is working to the end
  • You can set up assertions that you should get some parameters back
  • Insert variables to ensure the message can be processed
  • Share the scripts within your team so everybody will be able to run them

You can perform some advance scripting in Postman to test your integration, but it will require more of the developers to make sure they know how to create and maintain it. The main part is what the developers need to focus on creating test scripts or create integration.

What you cannot do is:

  • Test integrations using other than HTTP based unless you add a new HTTP endpoint that will be triggered for each execution
  • You cannot mock any APIs in for specific cases and make sure they exist in new scenarios
  • It will be extra work to write to check content from specific payloads used
  • Update the assertions easily each time to change the result
  • Easily record new tests cases

If you want to have a more systematic approach to handling your integration testing and create all the test cases, run them and update them as your integration is being developed. In the Figaf DevOps Suite it is easy to create and manage your SAP Integration.

We talked about how you can perform a better level of organized testing in this week’s webinar about Automating Regression Testing. You can see the replay here. I hope you will check out how Figaf can simplify the way you are working with SAP CPI/Cloud Integration and implement a process of testing all the things needed to run a good devops process.

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