2101 release: Better Platform for SAP CPI and APIM

We have finally been able to release the newest release of the Figaf Tool. As with all releases, there are a lot of new features that will make your life easier as an Integration Architect or developer. 

The main parts of this upgrade are:

It is probably not the biggest list of features we have had in a release. The main goal was just to upgrade Spring and then improve the automatic tests that we are running. Then in the future, we should be able to have a much better pipeline for delivering our new functionality. Let’s see. It will require a lot of effort to make it. 

We do have a few things underway to improve the way you are running SAP Integration.

  • Message mapping documentation support in CPI
  • Better control over what is transported and approvals
  • Improved audit logging

If you have ideas as to where we can improve the tooling please let me know, we would love to have a chat. 

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