Figaf Friday: Top content of 2022 (so far)

We are a little past halfway into 2022 and we decided to reflect on this year and take a look at some of the most popular content from Figaf this year (so far). The content ranges from blog posts like Figaf Friday to our videos on YouTube. Take a stroll with us as we look back at some our highlights so this year.

Top content of 2022 (so far) in no particular order

We picked content that seems to have been popular when we shared with our followers either through social media like LinkedIn and/or YouTube or when we sent it to people on our newsletter. Moreover, the topics varied from SAP Cloud Integration to SAP Migrations to SAP Process Integrations. Check out the content below and if we missed anything that should have been on that list, please let us know.

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CPIHelper Support

As part of our 2206 Release, we integrated Figaf with the CPIHelper from SAP. We were very excited about this new feature that we focused a post about on that specific feature that came with that release.

SAP Cloud Integration vs Boomi & Mulesoft

More and more companies are relying on SAP Cloud Integration to handle an increasing number of processes. However, even at this point, the question of migrating to SAP CPI remains. Why migrate to SAP CPI? We tried to wrangle those questions and deliberate migrating to SAP Cloud Integration in comparison to Boomi and Mulesoft.

SAP Process Integration DevOps

Many hours have been spent to develop SAP PI systems by large companies. Even with SAP Process Integration being phased out in the near future, using DevOps with the help Figaf can help simplify your SAP PI processes and we discussed how that’s possible in this post.

Multiple SAP CPI Systems

This is a recent post but the ethos of this post was interesting at it started as a challenge online about the correct number of SAP CPI systems you need in your landscape. From there it spawned this post where our Founder and CEO shared his thoughts on the matter.

Celebrating 1 year of the Figaf Migration Tool

AS part of our celebration, we discussed the journey of Figaf and the Figaf Migration Tool from winning the SAP Hack2Build Competition to now. As part of the celebration, we even created a short video talking about that journey and what we see with the future of SAP Migrations.

Minimizing your SAP Integration tenants in your landscape

We shared how you can lower the cost associated with procuring the SAP Integration Suite with the use of the Figaf DevOps Suite. We highlight features of the Figaf DevOps Suite that will help lower the number of landscapes needed in the SAP Integration Suite.

DevOPs for SAP Cloud Integration without code

We shared how you can set up a full DevOps process for your SAP CPI system with the need to code. We highlighted how this can be accomplished within an hour.

Handling SAP PI/PO Processes in 2022

As we started 2022, we wanted to share our expertise on how you can manage your SAP PI/PO processes for the new year.

Learn SAP Cloud Integration

We discussed the best way to get started with SAP Cloud Integration (CPI). SAP Cloud Integration is handling more and more mission critical integrations and now is a great time to get acquainted with this platform if you haven’t already.

What’s ahead in H2 2022?

We will continue to make improvements to our software with new releases. Moreover, we will share our expertise in the area of SAP Integrations and Migrations. So continue to follow us to get high quality content about Figaf and SAP Integrations and SAP Migrations.

We hope you enjoyed this and if any of this content inspired you to look at Figaf for your SAP Integration needs, then feel free to book a meeting with us or at least check out the different SAP Integration Software that is created by Figaf to simply your integration.

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