What is your workflow for your migration?

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You will need to be performing a many migrations and you need to find a good way of working with them. One that will allow you to continue to become better at delivering the integration.

I normally recommend take one ICO at the time and migrate it or the required interfaces from it. Mostly when you are getting started or in the pilot project.

Everybody can migrate to iFlows. It is first if you are testing the integration that you get the credit for it for work. Otherwise you are just wasting the time.

The best place is to use the Migration overview to find the interfaces and see what is migrated. You can also see other information like the number of test created on SAP PI or that has been migrated.

Once you have migrated an interface you will need to work on a few manual steps.

Some of the manual actions you many need to perform are:

  • Configuring adapter configurations that after the migration is not congruent with what is needed. Note if there is a need to update the template.
  • Check security credentials
  • Are there any problems with the message mapping that need to be corrected before release.
  • Does all of the UDF still work or should they be corrected.
  • Create test data from the PI system
  • Testing the integration. If you have not created test cases in advance you will need to do it first.
  • Test coordination with business
  • Move to production
  • Coordinate go-live
  • Make documentation

You should of course figure what works for you and adapt. There are likely many cases that can be optimized like some person how is creating the SAP PI/PO test cases for all the different scenarios in a release. It can simplify the operation and enable developers to test faster without having to wait for test data.

Batch migration 

Many would ask now that I have these 100 ICOs can I just press a migrate all to Integration Suite.

It would be possible to select each ICO and then select migrate to a named iFlow. And perform the same actions for more in the same batch.

As I see it, there are a lot of steps you will need to do between each migration. The more you get to use the tool the more you will see what needs to be changes.

If you could migrate 10-100 ICOs at one go. Then you will still have to go thru each of the different iFlows and check if they are correct according to the list above. And if you found a problem on the 5th iFlow, you will need to re-migrate all the other iFlows with some different settings.


As tools progress it may be possible to support such cases but then you should be fairly confident that the result is what you want. It would be nice if we could automate the process fully but I don’t see any that we will have the confidence for automated migration in the short term. Maybe we will get much more confidence in our processes and allow much more automation and take the decisions self.

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