Figaf IRT 2.13 released

This week we are releasing the new version of Figaf IRT. It contains quite a bit of improvement to make it easier to get started the tool and make it easier to run your SAP Integration.

You can See a video of it here


Make it easier to get started with tool. Both login with the default user, guides to get started with adding license and agents. Updated tours to see the tool in action.

Improved EDIFACT comparison and ignoring of specific segments/fields. This function will also be on X12, in one of the patches. You can ignore if rounding of values. So 5.2 is the same as 5.20.

Improved documentation of changes, so you can see what has been changed as a part of a ticket.

Bug fixes and improvements in the database performance.


Tracking and transports of Packages, Value mappings. So you can see what is changed between versions. They are also added to your Git repository.

Monitor to show persisted messages. So you can let business monitor the persisted messages.

For people working with the Git workflow, we have also added an option on an agent to prevent commits of iflow changes during synchronization in IRT to avoid duplication of changes committed by user and IRT. This will only create the scaffolding for your Git repository including templates for all plugins. So you can still download/upload your CPI iflows from your IDE with the Gradle plugins. You can then follow your own workflows for working with the Git Repository. This is one of the areas where we need more input on how we can help make the flow better.

In the next releases, we will also be improving the Transport system giving you options to approve and test the changes better and hopefully find a good way to handle a Git flow in the same area.


We had a client using the Figaf IRT tool to test their Seeburger Migration, which was done with our SMT tool. It did lead to a number of improvements to be able to support this case. Existing data was saved in the separate archive so we have created a custom solution to build the test data. If you have migration and want our help to create the test data let us know and let’s create an estimation of the effort

Improvement in the way testing is possible with the SAP Logging module. So it becomes much easier to use it for testing.

SAP PI/PO support for Decentral adapter engine in conjunction with Logging module.

Testing of BE/sync scenarios with mock data on PRO systems really useful when testing secured interfaces. This will enable to test with confidential data.

Consolidation with SAP Logging module. This is useful if you send multiply messages and consolidate them into one message. Or have a BPM process between test cases. It is something that is something that requires custom configuration on your scenarios.

Throttle the number of messages sent to a test case to limit the impact on the system. So the test will not overload the system.

Get started

You can download Figaf IRT here or if you want you can use the trial cloud verion at IRTCloud

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