IRT Cloud is your one-stop DevOps system to support your full development of SAP Cloud Integration, to enable you to create development faster. 

Figaf IRT Cloud manual work out of your SAP CPI development

 Monitoring of flows or failed messages, and get all relevant data in your cockpit

 Track all development, to see what was changed on iFlow or mapping purpose

 Transport solution and Configuration to allow transport of single iFlows

 Test all developments, ensure that you are not breaking existing functionality when fixing bugs

The process of collecting test data is automatic so you don’t have to do more than just select which interfaces you want to deal collect test data from. Then IRT will do all steps so you just have to wait for the number of messages processed on your productive system to be collected.

Test all the scenarios in your landscape the same way so you just learn how to run test and validate them. No need to learn how each system works and how to validate it. So the same user can validate all tests.

IRT speeds up your development of SAP CPI because it simplifies your error handling so you don’t need to spend time for all development.



  • Hybrid development: Support both your SAP PI/PO development and SAP Cloud Integration in the same way with one integrated tool.
  • Faster Integration development: One single solution to monitor all your flows and sent the correct notifications when errors occur.
  • Improved change management: Be sure you make QA covers all the objects that are changed for any development, and what is changed in it.
  • Lower cost of development: Make the developers more productive by automating the labors tasks of documentation and testing.
  • Compliance: Ensure that your system and changes are compliant and that all changes are following your procedures.

  • Handle alerts: Setup rules for how to automate know errors, so the correct people get notified when they need to do something and give them the right information resolve the issue. IRT can also react on iFlows that just set a specific receiver in the process
  • Transportation: IRT allow you to transport individual iFlows in your landscape and one central place for configuration across the landscape
  • Development changes: Log the specific change in, for instance, an iflow or a configuration so that you can document the change correct.
  • Test changes: Automatic test case creation to allow you to test your full SAP PI system in a week. Or you can test only the only the ICOs affected by the change.
  • Integrate with your existing Operations systems: With APIs and webhooks you can sent information to Jira, Solman or other tools you use for monitoring tickets.



Plans and Pricing

  • Price in EUR per MO
  • IntegrationFlow
  • Tickets
  • Number of CPI systems
  • Retention (of alerts)
  • Support
  • Testing
  • Git
  • Change Tracking
  • Tickets
  • API
  • Price
  • Trial
  • 10
  • 10
  • 2
  • 30 days
  • Free
  • Monitor/Support
  • 20
  • 2
  • 30 days
  • 150
  • DevOps
  • 40
  • 10/month
  • 3
  • 60 days
  • 450
  • Enterprise
  • Ask

We can create an enterprise plan to match your need

We have been working for a long period of time to make IRT as simple an easy to use. As a developer with a long time working SAP PI/PO integration I know the daily complexity. We want to enable you to do your job as efficiently as possible.

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