New SAP PI naming convention guide

So now I have finally made the product PI Naming convention ready for the public. I’m really happy that it finally is possible to go thru this.

What is really interesting about this product is that it allows the user to get easy access to easy create a naming convention that can be used in their business.

The product is target at consultants who want learn about how to create a naming convention for their clients SAP PI installations. If you’re a SAP PI client or are about to start becoming on, the product reveals a great details on what you need to know before you let consultants loose on the system. So the naming product can be used my different people.

It is really the most comprehensive product out there that helps people get and implement a good naming convention. There is some naming convention guides out there but they only focus on the mechanics of what to work on. Not how to make it work in your organization. I hope that you have time to check out the product overview to see if it is something for you.

I hope that you will take the time to check the video and see if it is something that you can use for your business.

Notice I’m closing the program on Friday, because I don’t want too many people into this secret methodology.






SAP PI documentation kit

It may not have been something that we have promoted a lot from this page.

We have created the SAP PIArchitecture page where we will deliver different products relating to how organizations use SAP PI. We plan to make more products availed in that space.

The current project that we are promoting is the SAP PI Documentation Template a package that allows you easy to get started with documenting your SAP PI documents. The price of the product is only 97$, which is probably the cheapest prices product in the SAP space. I’m considering raising the price soon, I have gotten so much great feedback on the post that I can justify a higher price.

This package will improve your documentation of SAP PI/XI scenarios. The bonus is that it is much easier to create the documents and to keep them updated.

The goal is to make the most actionable document and only write the content that really makes a lot of sense.