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We blog and hold webinars about changes made into SAP Integration and new products managing different challenges working with integration and migration. 

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Integration podcast

Enterprise Integration is challenging and the field is moving so fast that nobody is able to follow what is going on. 

We focus on the SAP Integration platforms from SAP PI/PO, SAP Cloud Integration, API Management, Gateway and Cloud Platform. There are also a lot of tools and we help you understand the relevance of the different tools.

We furthermore cover the other techniques going on, to make sure that your Enterprise works.

Searching SAP PI/PO message content with module development

I was talking with a fried around searching content and how easy it would be to implement your own search solution. After taking a look at search APIs, such as Amazon’s, and having long discussions with a friend, I came across this useful page: https://www.searchify.com/documentation/java-client I thought it would be a good project to start my development and […]

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IFG Survey 2013

Hi I’m helping responses to the International Focus Groups survey around SAP PI for 2013. You can participate in the survey by filling out the

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