SAP PI Naming conventions

Naming conventions

How you can structure your SLD with the help of SAP solution maps.


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SAP Mentor

Daniel Graversen has been announced SAP Mentor. SAP Mentor is a title given to members of the SAP community how is good communicators and is specialists. It is an honor for me to be mentioned hire.

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Google Wave virtual presentation

Daniel Graversen founder of Figaf will be presenting at the SDN virtual communy day about SAP and Google Wave. Follow this presentation hosted by SAP at The presentation will deal with Enterprise use of Google Wave and integration to SAP systems. The presentation will be held on Thursday the 24 september at 16:00 central European time. 
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Groovy mappings in SAP PI

We have experimented with using the Groovy scripting language for creating XML mappings transformations for SAP PI/XI. It was possible and it was able to simplify the mappings a lot than java mappings. Check out the blog at SAP Developer Network.





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Free support

Update: 2o. April 2015 this offer is expired but try to see instead.  

Do you have a problem with your SAP Process Integration(PI) or Exchange Infrastructure (XI) installation, development or architectural questions, try to our free support. We provide 1 hour of free consulting/support to help with your problems.

To request the service send a mail to. The mail should contain a description of the problem and contact information and times, and we will get to you as soon as possible. There are no guarantees but we will do our best.

We use Unyte to access your desktop remote. This way you can show the error to us and we can assist with correction of your problem.

Why do we provide the service?

  • It is a challenge for us to see what issues customers are facing.
  • We like to help solving problems
  • The possibility of being able to sell support or consulting hours.