2020 Improvements to SAP CPI and PI processes

We have been pretty productive in 2020 with improving the Figaf Tool, to make it easier to run SAP CPI or SAP PI/PO for our clients. In this post, I’m going to list some of the things that we have done to make life easier. And we still have a lot of new things that we need to work on. 

Secured Testing so you can test with sensitive data

Make it possible to define data from the productive system is sensitive, so contractors cannot see the content and payload of it. This helps test even the most sensitive data. 

Secure your SAP PI/PO and CPI test cases

Support of SAP PI Dual-stack to create recordings. 

This makes it easier to handle migrations from old Dual-stack systems. It is useful for migration use cases where you need to fetch a huge amount of test data.

Fetching SAP PI Test messages from Dual-stack system

Mocked endpoints for SAP CPI

If you want to test some services where you cannot call multiple times because they are not available or can only be called once with the data liike create employees. Then the Figaf Tool will accept as an endpoint and make it possible to test your integration. 

SAP CPI Testing, now with Mock and secured data

Transport of CPI value mapping and packages

We have added the option to transport value mappings and packages. They are also in the Git repository and with the Gradle plugin.

Transport SAP CPI Valuemappings and Packages

Improved way to handline SAP PI/PO with the SAP logging module

We also build a standalone application to handle the extraction of the old data and create new test data for it. 

Figaf IRT 2.13 released

View Persisted messages in the CPI Monitor

If you are using persisted messages the CPI monitor will show this information to you in the monitor. And you can give users access to the data.

Simplifying SAP CPI monitor view Persisted messages

Configuration of multiply iflows after configuration

If you have to configure the same iflow for multiply company codes you need to create copies. If you have to update part of the code then it becomes difficult to make sure everything is updated. This features gives you one way to handle this much easier. 

Configuration of multiply iflows after a template

Comparison and ignoring of elements

This makes it much easier to test. It is possible to ignore rounding errors and also a missing segment is treated as an empty segment. 

Comparison and ignoring

Restore Iflows

The possibility to restore Iflows if you get to delete them by a mistake. The process for undeleting an SAP CPI iflow is not really easy. We have added an option to make it possible to 

Restore CPI Iflows and Packages

Improved Testing options to make it easier to test 

Improve internal process to make Figaf Tool able to test huge volumes of Test data

New testing options with Figaf Testing Tool 2.14

API to simplify SAP CPI  and API mgt transports

In the Figaf Tool, you now have an option to integrate your transport tools like Jira, Service Now, or Solman. That would enable you to ensure the integration was delivered at the same time as the business software

API to simplify your SAP CPI and SAP PI transports

Visual Difference between SAP CPI Iflows 

We added a visual BPMN to make it easier for your to spot the changes between two iFlows. This will allow you to much better understand the changes that a developer propose

Visual Diff between SAP CPI iflows

Support Cloud Foundry for SAP CPI and API management

SAPs direction is clear CF is the way they are moving their platform. Most customers will need to move to CF at some point in time, so we want to be able to support the platform there. We have added support for the new environment so it becomes easier for you to migrate. This also include update of our Gradle Plugins to also support CF

Figaf DevOps 2.15 CPI on Cloud Foundry

Azure DevOps delivery of SAP CPI with Figaf

We did a PoC to see how it is possible for users to deliver SAP CPI via Azure DevOps. It does work, but there is some challenges that we can improve with the use of the Figaf Tool. 

SAP CPI with Azure DevOps

Running Figaf in Azure with Docker images

We want to make it as easy for customers to run Figaf and many are using Azure. We wanted to speed up the process of being able to deploy Figaf on your infrastructure. With this guide docker image, you can get Figaf running within 10 minutes in an Azure environment. 

Running Figaf in Azure to simplify SAP CPI

API Hub diff tool

Have you ever wanted to see what has changed with the SAP APIs in the API hub. This feature allows you to monitor the different APIs and show the different changes in API in a readable format. 

Which SAP APIs have changed in API Hub (API Hub Diff)

Migration of SAP PI to SAP CPI test cases

We have added functionality to make it easy for you to migrate your SAP CPI test cases SAP PI to CPI. Once you perform that migration it is important for you to perform all the relevant tests. 

Migration of test cases from SAP PI/PO to SAP CPI

SAP CPI Test case improvement

We have to spend a lot of effort to make it much easier to test SAP CPI. The goal have been to make it possible to make all kinds of unit tests for CPI tests

Automate your SAP CPI Test cases

CTS+ Integration for Improved visibility to your transport

50% of the SAP PI/PO users use CTS+ or ChaRM for handling their SAP Transports. We have added support to make it much easier for clients to continue with their normal processes. The tool does add some extra functionality like full visibility to what is changed, the configuration of channels, testing of changes, and then documentation of the changes. All this makes allows you to save time.

CTS+ Support for SAP PI/PO via Figaf DevOps Tool

DevOps Process for releasing CPI internally  

We have been spending time on improving our release procedures so we can deliver new features faster and better tested. It is not easy, but it is something that we need to focus on for the next period of time. And then we will also be working on bringing down our technical debt. 

Get started with Figaf Tool

It is one thing to write about all the features we have added. They do come in a form that allows you to simplify your SAP CPI or SAP PI/PO Processes. It is pretty simple to get started with the application. You can get a long way to understand what the application is able to do in just 60 minutes. 

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