Figaf now Support CF on SAP CPI

SAP Intentions are clear on where customers need to migrate to the Cloud Foundry (CF) sooner or later. 

I can see CPI on CF is getting an update of Camel. If Neo does not get this then it would be increasing difficulty to keep the two platforms in sync and sooner or later development will stop on Neo. There will be some features that cannot easily be ported between the platforms. 

The future of SAP is clear. It is SAP CPI on Cloud Foundry and as a part of the Integration Suite. That means that you will need to migrate to it at some point in the timer. Neo is not going away, but it may not get new features after some time. 

To handle the migration from Neo to CF you can use the Postman collection and the processed described in Note. It helps you out for the process making it pretty simple to get started. The only thing not covered is security credentials. Those you will need to extract your self. It is possible to create an iflow with a groovy script that extracts the password. 

Figaf Support Cloud Foundry

One of our hurdles is that we rely on both Odata API but also some user interaction to be able to upload/download iflows. We, therefore, need to support both options. The login process is a little more complicated than normal SAP NEO where basic authentication is enough. Here we need to go thru a few pages. We have implemented this functionality in the system. 

To send messages we need a Service key, since normal users cannot send messages we also need an API key to send data to SAP CPI

Gradle Plugins

To speed up development for the user we have implemented Gradle Plugins. They are plugins you can use to speed up the development by having access to upload/download and deploy iflows and proxies directly from your IDE. 

They have been upgraded so you can continue with the development there. 

We are currently working on refactoring the modules, so you can reuse our authentication in your own applications. You can find it all in the Git repository.


The CPU/Memory “API” we have been using on NEO is not on CF. It is anyway difficult to understand what the value means on cloud servers. SAP will monitor it. Figaf will still monitor latency to give an idea about how the system is performing. 

We have also seen an impact on our test running where it is 7 times slower to fetch trace messages than on our Neo system. It can be limitations on our API or partner tenant. We will monitor and see if it is read for real systems. 

What does is possible

The Figaf DevOps Tool supports the full development process.

To speed up the development we have a Git repository for both API Mgt and CPI. This will speed up your development process. Since you have everything you need to develop SAP CPI with all templates in just one repository.

Then it supports the delivery process. Where you can register which changes have append because of a business request. Then you can test for CPI, where we have a number of different ways to simplify the testing. Once an item has been tested it is possible to use the Figaf DevOps Tool to deliver it to QA and production. 

Try it out today

There are 30 days free trial on the tool. It will allow you to get started trying out the tool in just 1 hour. 

Just click the “Try Figaf DevOps Tool”. To signup and start trying the tool. 

Simplify your SAP Integration in under 10 minutes with Figaf DevOps Suite on Cloud.

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