Google I/O 2010: Caseish to be Released!

Among thousands of online application developers, we have
been given the opportunity to join in the upcoming Google I/O 2010 to be held
on May 19-20, 2010 in Moscone Center, San Francisco.

This is the event everybody has been talking about and very
eager to attend. And, the good news is we are among the lucky ones who have
been invited to present our newest online collaboration tool, Caseish.

Other renowned participating companies are Novell,
ProcessOne, SAP and others. To see more details on who will be presenting, you
can see a list posted in Developer Sandbox @ Google I/O.

We are truly looking forward to this exciting affair and be
connected again with various professional developers to share and learn more
helpful and useful ideas about collaboration and online application tools

Google I/O 2010 serves as a good platform for different
expert developers to share and present newly developed online tools ready for

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